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green to gone (from Long Live : : : (Fire Records 2010, Out of This Spark 2011))

When I’m twenty-two
when it’s two-thousand-four
when you’re twenty-four
meet me Big Sur

you dress in denim from your neck to your knees
you turn your back to the bossy bossy breeze
a plane goes by silenced by hiss of rip-tide
sea salty-watering me

when I’m twenty-six
when it’s two-thousand-eight
when you’re twenty-eight
meet me Montana

it’s a gonna be a sweet the-end
or a no, no it’s too, too late
or a my, my, my oh! how I’ve missed
the way your way makes me make me me

sometimes the leaves succulently
sometimes the leaves poisoning
sometimes they go from green to gone

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